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[SBS Star] "Don't worry" Lee Joon Gi Expresses His Feelings after 'Blacklist' Incident


작성 2017.09.14 15:44 조회수
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'Don't worryKorean actor Lee Joon Gi shared his feelings after it was revealed that his name was 'blacklisted' by the Korean government.

On September 13, Lee Joon Gi posted a picture of himself with a short message for his fans.

Along with a monotone selfie, he wrote, "I'm always okay. Don't worry and thank you all. When I read all of your consolation, I was so touched by your words."
'Don't worryPreviously, it was reported that the government of former president Lee Myung-bak is suspected for blacklisting some public figures―including celebrities and artists.

Lee Joon Gi's fans are inferring that the actor's name was on the list due to his opposition statements against the government to import U.S. beef in 2008.

Meanwhile, Lee Joon Gi is currently starring at tvN drama 'Criminal Minds'.

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