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[SBS Star] VIDEO: Lee Jong-suk Dances to PSY's 'New Face' Like a Pro!


작성 2017.09.13 15:33 조회수
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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: Lee Jong-suk Dances to PSYs New Face Like a Pro!
Korean actor Lee Jong-suk surprised his fans with his amazing dance stage during his fan meeting!

On September 10, Lee Jong-suk met his fans with 'LEE JONG SUK PRIVATE STAGE DREAMLIKE in SEOUL' fan meeting event at Konkuk University, Seoul.

During his fan meeting, Lee Jong-suk presented never-before-seen witty charms of himself.

He even danced to PSY's hit song 'New Face', impressing the audience by memorizing difficult choreography of the song.

After the stage, Lee Jong-suk said that he is so embarrassed, while his fans shouted "Encore" to support him.

Meanwhile, Lee Jong-suk's new drama 'While You Were Sleeping' is scheduled to be on air at the end of this month.

Great job, Lee Jong-suk!

(Credit= 'tutti frutti' YouTube)

(SBS Star)