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[SBS Star] JJ Project's 'Verse 2' Listed as #2 on Billboard's World Album Chart


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] JJ Projects Verse 2 Listed as #2 on Billboards World Album Chart
JJ Project is sweeping the music charts both domestically and internationally!

On August 10, JJ Project's new mini album 'Verse 2' was listed on three prestigious album charts―Billboard's World Album Chart, Billboard's Heatseekers Album Chart and Gaon's Weekly Album Chart. [SBS Star] JJ Project's 'Verse 1' Listed as #2 on Billboard's World Album Chart'Verse 2' was listed as #2 on Billboard's August 19 Weekly World Album Chart. JJ Project was also listed on Billboard's Heatseeker's album chart as #9, and is the only K-pop group on the list.
[SBS Star] JJ Project Drops 'Tomorrow, Today' MVMoreover, on Korea's Gaon Weekly Album Chart, 'Verse 2' was listed as #2.
Meanwhile it is JB and Jinyoung's return in nearly five years and the duo have been actively taking part in their groups―both JJ Project and GOT7. [SBS Star] JJ Project's 'Verse 1' Listed as #2 on Billboard's World Album ChartGOT7's album 'FLIGHT LOG: ARRIVAL', which was released in last March, has been listed as #1 in Billboard’s world album chart.

Check out JJ Project's music video for its new mini album's title track 'Tomorrow, Today' below. 

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