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[SBS Star] Well-Rounded K-Pop Girl Idols' Unique Licenses and Certificates


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Well-Rounded K-Pop Girl Idols Unique Licenses and Certificates
K-pop girl idols' unique licenses have been hot topic lately. 

In SBS 'Eco Village' Girl's Day Minah revealed that she earned an Excavator's License to help out building a house.
[SBS Star] K-POP Girl Idols' Unique Certificates!Girls' Generation Yuri also has scuba diving certification. As Yuri is known to have good swimming skills, it was reported that she was attracted to scuba diving without a doubt. 
[SBS Star] K-POP Girl Idols' Unique Certificates!MAMAMOO's Solar has three different certifications. She has first class Recreational Certification, Laughter Wellness Certification, and a Leadership Certification. 
[SBS Star] K-POP Girl Idols' Unique Certificates!According to Solar, it only took her three days to get the certifications. 
[SBS Star] K-POP Girl Idols' Unique Certificates!Also former K-pop girl group SISTAR's Soyou has cosmetology license. Soyou shared her story about her childhood dream.

Soyou's childhood dream was becoming a singer, but just in case she doesn't become a singer, she wanted to have a back-up plan, which was becoming a hairdresser. So when she was in middle school, she earned a Cosmetologist's License. 
[SBS Star] K-POP Girl Idols' Unique Certificates!Rainbow Hyunyoung has all kinds of yoga-related licenses. 

She has yoga instructor license for pregnant women, kids' yoga and Ayurveda. Hyunyoung is currently working as a yoga instructor as well. 
[SBS Star] K-POP Girl Idols' Unique Certificates!Lastly, BESTie's Da Hye also has yoga instructor license. She has class three license and she even published two books related to yoga. 

What a well-rounded girls are they! 

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(SBS Star)