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[SBS Star] Taeyang and Baek Ji-young will Appear in SBS 'Fantastic Duo 2'


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Taeyang and Baek Ji-young will Appear in SBS Fantastic Duo 2
K-pop boy band BIGBANG's Taeyang and legendary ballad singer Baek Ji-young are chosen to make an appearance in SBS 'Fantastic Duo 2'.

According to OSEN's report on August 9th, Taeyang and Baek Ji-young are set to shoot for a new episode of 'Fantastic Duo 2' in August 22nd. 

Taeyang will sing 'EYES, NOSE, LIPS', and Baek Ji-young will sing 'Like Being Shot by a Bullet'. 

The new line-up of 'Fantastic Duo 2' is raising anticipation because when Taeyang made an appearance in Season 1 of 'Fantastic Duo', he impressed audiences with unbelievable singing talent and stunning stage manner.

It is also a first appearance of Baek Ji-young in variety show, after giving birth.

The new episode is expected to go on air sometime in mid-September. 

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