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[SBS Star] VIDEO: A Secret Behind Wanna One's Dorm Room Unveiled!


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A secret behind newly-debuted K-pop boy group Wanna One's dorm room has been a hot topic lately.

In an online community, a post called 'Wanna One receives I.O.I's dorm' has been going viral.

In the post, there was a comparison between Wanna One's dorm from's 'Wanna One Go' and I.O.I's dorm from JTBC's 'Late Marriage' program, arousing many fans' curiosity.[SBS Star] A Secret behind Wanna One's Dorm RoomThe post unveiled that Wanna One took over I.O.I's previous dorm room. It was possible because Wanna One and I.O.I had the same management agency―YMC Entertainment.[SBS Star] A Secret behind Wanna One's Dorm RoomNetizens commented, "It looks messier than I.O.I's", "I feel bad for them", "It looks too small for eleven boys". 

Meanwhile, Wanna One released its first mini-album '1X1=(To Be One)' with a title track 'Energetic' on August 7th, and made an official debut stage through 'Wanna One's Premier Show-con'.

(Credit ='노가리' YouTube, '백슈' Naver Blog, 'ioi_official_ig' Instagram, SBS funE)

(SBS Star)