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[SBS Star] DAY6 Drops 'What Can I Do' for 'Every Day6 August' Project


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] DAY6 Drops What Can I Do for Every Day6 August Project
K-pop boy band DAY6 dropped a new song today!

On August 7th, DAY6 released a music video for its new track 'What Can I Do'.

DAY6 has been releasing a new song for each month, and for this month, DAY6 released 'What Can I Do' as part of 'Every Day6 August' project. 
[SBS Star] DAY6 Drops a New Track 'What Can I Do'Check out DAY6's new track,'What Can I Do'! 

(Credit = 'day6official' Facebook, 'jypentertainment' YouTube)

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