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[SBS Star] SISTAR's Farewell Stage on SBS Inkigayo, Hit Song Medley


작성 2017.07.18 11:02 조회수
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Who is your favorite K-pop summer queen? or rather, who used to be your favorite? K-pop girl group SISTAR―who is dubbed as 'summer queen' disbanded after 7 years.
▲ SISTAR Performing 'LONELY'

On June 4th, SISTAR showed their last farewell performance through SBS 'Inkigayo' Stage.
When it was SISTAR's turn, they began singing to their latest song 'LONELY'.
Since it was their last performance together as a group SISTAR, they did a hit song medley to say good-bye to its fans.
▲ SISTAR's Hitsong Medley

Do you miss SISTAR already? 

(Credit = SBS Inkigayo)   

(SBS Star)