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[SBS Star] VIDEO: EXO CHEN & Lee Eun Mi's Legendary Duet Stage!


작성 2017.07.17 17:49 조회수
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K-pop boy group EXO's CHEN was spotted at the waiting room of SBS 'Fantastic Duo 2', practicing Lee Eun Mi's hit song 'I Have a Lover'. 
▲ CHEN at the Waiting Room
CHEN was scheduled to join stage with Lee Eun Mi, the original singer of the song―on the stage.
As it was a highly anticipated stage, CHEN and Lee Eun Mi successfully carried out their powerful emotions and delivered fantastic vocal power.
▲ Chen X Lee Eun Mi's Duet Stage

It was fantastic! 
(Credit = SBS Fantastic Duo 2)     

(SBS Star)