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[SBS Star] NCT127 TAEYONG Reveals His Secret in #BOYVIDEO


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] NCT127 TAEYONG Reveals His Secret in #BOYVIDEO
K-pop boy group NCT127 TAEYONG's version of 'BOYVIDEO' is released.

Through SMTOWN's official YouTube channel, NCT127's member TAEYONG's #BOYVIDEO is released on July 14th.
In the video, NCT127 members describe TAEYONG as someone who has completely different personality than what he looks. Members say although TAEYONG looks sharp and powerful, he is actually soft-hearted person.

TAEYONG describes himself as someone who is portrayed as a bold image but he is actually introverted. [SBS Star] NCT127 Taeyoung Reveals Secret in #BOYVIDEO?Moreover, TAEYONG confesses that currently he's in the process of getting to know himself, as if he is in puberty.
NCT127 members say TAEYONG is a sentimental person who sometimes cries in the backstage. 

(Credit = 'SMTOWN' YouTube)

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