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[SBS Star] JYP's First-Ever Music Show 'PARTY PEOPLE' Coming Soon


작성 2017.07.17 13:21 조회수
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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] JYPs First-Ever Music Show PARTY PEOPLE Coming Soon
One of Korea's renowned artists Park Jin-young(JYP) is chosen as a host for SBS's new music show called 'PARTY PEOPLE'.
On July 13th, SBS released a teaser for its upcoming music program 'PARTY PEOPLE', which JYP is chosen as a host.

This is JYP's first music program in 25 years, ever since he debuted. According to the report, JYP himself designed settings like stage and even how program will be running. 

In the teaser released, JYP says "I wish to end my life with this show" and revealed his passion and anticipation.

It was reported that Lee Hyo-ri will be the first guest at 'PARTY PEOPLE'. 

SBS scheduled to air its late-night music program in nearly 5 years after 'Jung Jae Hyung and Lee Hyo-ri's You & I'. 

(Credit = 'SBS NOW' YouTube, 'FollowJYP' Facebook)  

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