[SBS Star] TWICE JEONGYEON's Home Hair Dyeing Goes Wrong?

Lee Narin

Published 2020.05.14 17:59 View Count
기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] TWICE JEONGYEONs Home Hair Dyeing Goes Wrong?
JEONGYEON of K-pop girl group TWICE colored her hair by herself at home.

On May 14, JEONGYEON shared a photo on the group's Instagram. 

The photo completely took fans by surprise as JEONGYEON had blue-green-purple hair in it. 

It seemed like it was not supposed to display three colors though; it did not look like it was done professionally. 

Over this photo, JEONGYEON wrote, "I think I've messed up my hair while dyeing it by myself at home..." 
JEONGYEONThen not long later, JEONGYEON shared another photo of herself on Instagram. 

In the photo, JEONGYEON mainly had purple hair with some bits of blue-green hair seen in the previous photo. 

JEONGYEON commented, "I've dyed it myself again..." 

After seeing these photos, fans left comments such as, "Don't worry, you still look stunningly beautiful!", "It didn't go wrong. I actually think it looks unique.", "Just makes me smile imagining her dyeing her hair again, thinking that it didn't turn out well. She's so cute!" and so on. 
JEONGYEONMeanwhile, TWICE is planned to make a comeback with a new album 'MORE & MORE' on June 1. 

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