[SBS Star] KYULKYUNG Breaks Silence Amid Her Contract Dispute with PLEDIS Entertainment

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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] KYULKYUNG Breaks Silence Amid Her Contract Dispute with PLEDIS Entertainment
KYULKYUNG of disbanded K-pop girl group PRISTIN revealed her side of the story regarding her ongoing legal dispute with her management agency, PLEDIS Entertainment.

On March 25, PLEDIS Entertainment stated that KYULKYUNG has cut off all contact with the agency staff members, after requesting to nullify her exclusive contract in September 2019.
KYULKYUNGAccording to the agency, KYULKYUNG has been promoting in China individually, avoiding any contact with the agency, but also her Chinese agency. 

PLEDIS Entertainment added that KYULKYUNG is violating her exclusive contract by continuing her promotions in China without the agency's consent.

After the news, KYULKYUNG took her personal Weibo account to share her side of the arguement.
KYULKYUNGKYULKYUNG wrote, "While working with the agency, I encountered numerous issues, and I began to think deeply about my career and future. On September 10, 2019, I sent over a formal request through my legal representative, asking to nullify my exclusive contract with PLEDIS Entertainment as well as my Chinese agency."

She continued, "I no longer want to argue about who's right and who's wrong. I wish to become an artist who can grow while doing my best in my field, greeting the public with good projects. I do not wish to disappoint those who love and support me."

KYULKYUNG wrapped up her statement by expressing her thanks to PLEDIS Entertainment for taking care of her, wishing them to see better days in the future.

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