[SBS Star] SEVENTEEN Members Give Their Real Response to JEONGHAN's Bizarre Finger Trick

Lee Narin

Published 2020.03.26 13:52 View Count
기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] SEVENTEEN Members Give Their Real Response to JEONGHANs Bizarre Finger Trick
The members of K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN gave their very real response to the group's member JEONGHAN's bizarre trick using his finger.

Recently, one past video of SEVENTEEN started going viral online.

The video showed SEVENTEEN stopping by a camera while walking down a hallway of a recording studio.

There, JEONGHAN walked towards the camera and said, "There is this trick that I can do with my finger."

He went on, "For the last over 20 years of my life, this has never once been useful. At least, it's something that I can do at a time like this. Let me show you the trick now."

Then, JEONGHAN grabbed his left index finger and completely bent it until it touched the back of his hand.
SEVENTEENSEVENTEENAs his finger touched the back of his hand, the members of SEVENTEEN behind him gasped in surprise.

Some pulled disgusted faces, some froze with their jaw dropped, some continuously wowed over it while some just laughed.

Their varied yet real and hilarious reaction is making a lot of people laugh at the moment.
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