[SBS Star] Yuehua Entertainment Kicks Out a Popular Trainee After Police Arrested Him

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Published 2020.02.14 16:36 Updated 2020.02.14 16:41 View Count
기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Yuehua Entertainment Kicks Out a Popular Trainee After Police Arrested Him
A popular trainee of Yuehua Entertainment has been kicked out from the agency after he was arrested on charges of online scamming.

On February 13, multiple Chinese news outlets reported that Yuehua Entertainment's Chinese trainee Huang Zhibo was caught attempting to sell medical masks online.

He reportedly received deposit in advance from his buyers, and did not show up to the promised meeting place to deliver his products―in light of the COVID-19 outbreak.
Huang ZhiboAccording to Shanghai Pudong Police, Huang Zhibo accepted approximately 47.4 million won (approximately 40,000 dollars) through the online scamming.

What made his fans gasp in shock was the fact that Huang Zhibo posted a photo of him with his handwritten note to show his support for the country fighting against the epidemic, just a day before getting arrested.
Huang ZhiboFollowing the news, Yuehua Entertainment released an official statement confirming that Huang Zhibo is currently under investigation and his contract with the agency was terminated.

The agency said, "We are cooperating with the police investigation. We have terminated his trainee contract, and we apologize for the negative impact this incident may bring."
Huang ZhiboHuang Zhibo garnered a nationwide popularity with his appearance on Chinese survival audition program 'All For One', where he ranked the 9th place.

According to fans, he was also formerly a trainee under Big Hit Entertainment and CUBE Entertainment before joining Yuehua Entertainment in 2019.

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