[SBS Star] VIDEO: Park Shin Hye Joins ZICO's 'Any Song Challenge' at the Grand Canyon

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Published 2020.01.16 14:37 Updated 2020.01.16 14:39 View Count
기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: Park Shin Hye Joins ZICOs Any Song Challenge at the Grand Canyon
Actress Park Shin Hye cutely danced to her good friend K-pop artist ZICO's latest track 'Any song' all the way at the Grand Canyon.

On January 15, Park Shin Hye updated her Instagram with a new video.

Along with the video, she wrote, "Starting 2020 at the Grand Canyon National Park. #anysongchallenge #sofun Don't make the cold an excuse to just sit still. Move, everyone!"Park Shin HyePark Shin HyeIn the video, Park Shin Hye has a blast while dancing to 'Any song' at the Grand Canyon, the United States.

Park Shin Hye stops in the middle of the dance a few times and laughs to herself for not being able to remember the next dance move as well.

Her imperfect dance and poor dancing skills not only seemed to have made her laugh, but also made all her followers laugh and smile.

'Any song challenge' started after the release of 'Any song' on January 13 in which the participants have to dance a part of the song.

A lot of celebrities such as MINO of boy group WINNER, DAE HWI and JEON WOONG of boy group AB6IX, HwaSa of girl group MAMAMOO, solo artist CHUNG HA, singer Lee Hyo-ri, actress Kang Han-na and more have taken part in it so far.

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