[SBS Star] ITZY Members Hilariously Respond to YEJI's Mistake During an Acceptance Speech

Lee Narin

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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] ITZY Members Hilariously Respond to YEJIs Mistake During an Acceptance Speech
The members of K-pop girl group ITZY hilariously responded to their leader YEJI's mistake during an acceptance speech at 'Gaonchart Music Awards'.

On January 8, '9th Gaonchart Music Awards' was held at Jamsil Arena, Seoul.

At this annual awards ceremony, ITZY won 'New Artist of the Year' award.ITZYAfter being announced as the winner, the members of ITZY headed to the stage to receive the award.

Then, YEJI stood in front of the microphone stand and got ready to deliver an acceptance speech.

YEJI said, "We feel honored to be receiving such a meaningful award from 'Golden Disc Awards'. Oops, sorry. I mean 'Gaonchart Music Awards'."

As 'Golden Disc Awards' took place only several days ago on January 4 and 5, it seemed like YEJI got confused for a second.ITZYWhen the members of ITZY heard YEJI say 'Golden Disc Awards' instead of 'Gaonchart Music Awards' though, their response was priceless.

Their eyes widened and jaw dropped in extreme surprise; CHAERYEONG even almost reached her arms out to YEJI to stop her immediately.

Thanks to YEJI's quick realization, they were able to avert a crisis(?), but it certainly seemed like they were not able to get over her mistake for ages after that.

While standing behind YEJI, they covered their mouth as if they were still in shock and continued to laugh.

(Credit= 'CoffeeForYou' YouTube, 'ITZYOfficial' Twitter)

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