[SBS Star] Fans Speculate that Super Junior HeeChul Decided to Take Care of Sulli's Cat

Lee Narin

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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Fans Speculate that Super Junior HeeChul Decided to Take Care of Sullis Cat
K-pop boy group Super Junior's member HeeChul may have made a decision to take care of late singer/actress Sulli's cat following her passing last month.

On November 6, HeeChul went live on YouTube to celebrate Super Junior's 14th debut anniversary with fans.HeeChulAbout a minute after the live broadcast began, a cat was seen in the corner of the screen.

The cat moved about back and forth where HeeChul was for a bit, then jumped up to the computer desk and moved to another area of the room.

It was only seen for several seconds, but it was enough for fans to notice that the cat was the rare Sphynx cat, which Sulli had.

As HeeChul and Sulli were very close friends, they started thinking that HeeChul chose to take care of her cat from now on.

Later on, fans asked HeeChul about the cat, but he responded, "It's a secret...."

They assumed he did not want to say anything about it, because it still is not be an easy topic for him to talk about, considering that Sulli passed away just over two weeks ago. HeeChulBack on October 14, Sulli was found dead by her manager at her home in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do.

After a thorough investigation, the police concluded that she took her own life.

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