[SBS Star] VIDEO: 'Produce X 101' Director Under Arrest; Receives Favors from Agencies

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Published 2019.11.06 13:19 Updated 2019.11.06 13:55 View Count

Two official arrests have been made in the police investigation into voting manipulation allegations against Mnet's audition program 'Produce X 101'.

Police conducted additional search and seizure to extend their probe into more audition programs produced by Mnet.

Kwon Ji-yoon reports.


The main director Ahn and chief director Kim of Mnet's 'Produce X 101' were placed under arrest following the show's vote-rigging allegations.

Last night, the Seoul Central District Court stated that a large portion of the criminal charges have been explained, showing that this is an important issue.

This means the majority of suspicions have proven to be true.

However, the court dismissed arrest warrants for the other director and the entertainment agency executive, stating there is no issue suggesting the need for them to be imprisoned.

On the morning of November 5, director Ahn showed up at the Seoul Central District Court to attend the warrant hearing.

[Mnet Director Ahn: (Do you admit to the vote-rigging suspicions?) I will diligently answer the questions.]

Furthermore, police confirmed that Ahn was treated at an adult entertainment establishment located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, by representatives of an entertainment agency.

Police raided the adult entertainment center in question early last month to obtain relevant evidence, and filed additional charges of breach of trust to Ahn.

The police executed their fourth search and seizure at CJ ENM headquarters as well as one additional entertainment agency.

They plan to extend the probe into more audition programs produced by Mnet, including the season 1 to 4 of 'Produce' series, and 'Idol School'. 
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