[SBS Star] VIDEO: A Rare Footage of BTS V Dancing to 'I NEED U' in High Heels Unveils

Lee Narin

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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: A Rare Footage of BTS V Dancing to I NEED U in High Heels Unveils

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K-pop boy group BTS' member V's dance in high heels made everyone go completely speechless.

On September 10, SBS broadcast a special Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) television show 'BTS Variety Chronicles'.

At the beginning of 'BTS Variety Chronicles', the group's leader RM and V were seen featuring in one talent show not long after they made their debut.Star KingAfter some guys showed off their dance moves while wearing high heels, the host LeeTeuk asked V to have a go at it.

V put on the heels that were about 12 centimeters (4.7 inches) high, then got up.

When V started walking, another host Kang Ho-dong noticed that V was not having any difficulties at all in them and asked, "Do you feel comfortable in them?",

V jumped in his spot and responded, "Yes, I totally do!", and got ready to dance to one of BTS' hit songs 'I NEED U'.Star KingThe music played, and V danced to the song just like how he would do it with sneakers or dress shoes on.

All his moves were loaded with power and his steps were swift; his dance was flawless in every way.

He was so great at it that it truly did not seem like he was a first-timer although he continued to claim that he was.

(Credit= 'SBS ENTER PLAY' YouTube)

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