[SBS Star] Kim Yoo Jung's Sister Gains Attention for Her Jaw-dropping Beauty

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Published 2019.08.09 11:41 View Count
기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Kim Yoo Jungs Sister Gains Attention for Her Jaw-dropping Beauty
Actress Kim Yoo Jung's older sister Kim Yeon-jung has caught the eye of the public with her incredible beauty.

On August 7, Kim Yeon-jung posted a couple of recently-taken photos of herself on her Instagram.Kim Yeon-jungThe photos were of Kim Yeon-jung's professional profile photos where she had neatly styled herself for them.

Just like Kim Yoo Jung, Kim Yeon-jung had large eyes, sharp nose, plumped lips, small face and defined jawline.Kim Yeon-jungEven by catching a glimpse of the photos, anyone could tell that Kim Yeon-jung and Kim Yoo Jung were related.

They certainly gave off very similar vibes, but Kim Yeon-jung looked gorgeous in her own way.Kim Yeon-jungKim Yeon-jung is three years older than Kim Yoo Jung and also made debut as an actress not too long ago.

Her debut project was a special web-drama 'The Omniscient Viewpoint on Crushes' in 2017.

(Credit= KBS Yeo Yoo Man Man, 'kyeonj_' 'you_r_love' Instagram)

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