[SBS Star] BTS V Cutely Warns ARMY Who Post 'Bizarre' Photos of the Members

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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] BTS V Cutely Warns ARMY Who Post Bizarre Photos of the Members
V of K-pop boy group BTS was seen protecting his fellow members by cutely replying to one fan's post with a somewhat unflattering photos of the members.

Recently, BTS' management agency launched a new global fan community of BTS called 'Weverse'.
BTSThe newly-launched community allows BTS and ARMY (BTS' official fan club) to communicate with each other by writing posts and uploading images, memes, and videos.

The seven members of BTS can directly reply to the fans' posts by leaving comments below.
VWeverse certainly brings BTS and its fans closer than ever before, but V recently reminded fans that some boundaries still need to be respected.

When one ARMY posted a not-so-handsome meme of J-HOPE, V immediately replied by saying that he will not leave comments to fans who post such photos.
BTSHe wrote, "Please protect our hyung. I won't be replying to the ARMYs who upload bizarre photos," with an angry-faced emoji.
VAfter V's comment went viral among ARMYs, they shared their thoughts, "Please think before posting something.", "Let's respect each other's dignity, shall we?", and more.

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