[SBS Star] Song Hye Kyo's First Public Appearance in China After Divorce News

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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Song Hye Kyos First Public Appearance in China After Divorce News
Photos of actress Song Hye Kyo attending a public event in China after filing for divorce meditation with actor Song Joong Ki have been revealed.

On July 6, Song Hye Kyo attended a promotional event for the cosmetic brand that she has been actively endorsing.
Song Hye KyoShe was seen wearing a white dress, beautifully smiling for the camera and the people who attended the event at a duty-free mall located in Hainan, China.
Song Hye KyoSince this was the first public event that Song Hye Kyo attended after the news of her divorce with Song Joong Ki broke, many people have gathered around the event area to see her.

Earlier on June 27, Song Joong Ki announced that he has filed for divorce to end his marriage with Song Hye Kyo.
Song Hye KyoTheir divorce proceedings may end in August if the two do not argue much about who is responsible for the divorce.

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