[SBS Star] Fans Criticize Red Velvet's Stylists for Making JOY Wear a Revealing Dress

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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Fans Criticize Red Velvets Stylists for Making JOY Wear a Revealing Dress
Fans of K-pop girl group Red Velvet are not happy with JOY's recent stage outfit.

On June 9, Red Velvet performed at 'K-pop World Music Festival 2019' which took place in Manila, the Philippines.

For the group's performance, JOY was dressed in a tight, lavender-colored dress.
JOYHowever, fans pointed out that the dress was fitted too tight on her with the middle clasps dangerously spreading apart whenever JOY dances on stage.

They criticized the group's stylists for dressing JOY in uncomfortable stage outfit, and pointed out that this is not the first time for Red Velvet members to wear rather uncomfortable, revealing clothing on stage.
JOYFans commented, "What's with her outfit? It's JOY's, again.", "What would've happened if the middle clasps popped open? It looks dangerous.", "Oh come on! Do your job right.", and more.
JOYMeanwhile, Red Velvet is set to make its summer comeback with a new mini album led by the title track 'Zimzalabim'.

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