[SBS Star] VIDEO: Park Yu Chun Attends Police Questioning


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K-pop boy group JYJ member/actor Park Yu Chun attended police questioning over allegations that he took drugs together with his ex-fiancée.

On April 17 at 10AM KST, Park Yu Chun appeared at the narcotics control unit of the Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police Agency, Suwon.
[영상] 박유천 경찰 출석Upon arrival, Park Yu Chun told the press, "I will faithfully undergo investigation."

Park did not answer when asked about whether he denies the allegations.
박유천, 황하나 마약 관련 논란 기자회견Park Yu Chun is alleged to have used illicit drugs early this year with Hwang Hana, the granddaughter of the late founder of Namyang Dairy Products group.

Park and Hwang engaged in 2017, but announced their breakup the following year.

Park Yu Chun tested negative in a preliminary drug test, and his hair sample was sent to the forensic agency for a full-fledged test.

(SBS Star)