[SBS Star] People Crack Up After Noticing the Strings on LISA's Outfit Attacking BLACKPINK Members

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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] People Crack Up After Noticing the Strings on LISAs Outfit Attacking BLACKPINK Members
Many are unable to stop themselves from laughing after discovering that the strings on LISA of K-pop girl group BLACKPINK's outfit attacked her fellow members during their performance.

On April 10, BLACKPINK attended one launch event that was held at IMPACT Arena, Bangkok.

As soon as BLACKPINK appeared on stage, a countless number of people started screaming in excitement.

On this day, BLACKPINK performed its previous title track 'DU-DDU-DU-DDU' and latest title track 'Kill This Love'.BLACKPINKEvery audience could not keep their jaw closed from the very moment when BLACKPINK began to perform until the end, because its performance was simply amazing.

No member of the audience could take their eyes off BLACKPINK.

After the event when some audience were going through the photos that they had taken of BLACKPINK though, they discovered something hilarious that they had failed to notice when they were watching the members at the event.

They found out that JENNIE and JISOO were hit by the strings on LISA's outfit during the performance.BLACKPINKSome photos they took were of JENNIE and JISOO shutting their eyes instantly after they see the strings coming towards their face.

Many people showed their love for these cute and funny photos, saying that they are making them laugh.BLACKPINKMeanwhile, BLACKPINK will be making its Coachella debut this weekend.

(Lee Narin, Credit= Online Community, 'Samsung' YouTube)

(SBS Star)