[SBS Star] INFINITE L Replies to a Fan's Hilarious Comment on His Social Media Account

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Published 2019.04.12 14:57 Updated 2019.04.12 15:05 View Count
기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] INFINITE L Replies to a Fans Hilarious Comment on His Social Media Account
Fans are non-stop going "Awww!" over L of K-pop boy group INFINITE's response to one fan's comment.

On April 11, L posted a picture of himself on his social media account with the caption, "The style of this picture takes me back to the old times."

The picture was a selfie of L about to take a sip of some coffee in his hand.LUnder this picture, one fan left a playful comment using random Chinese characters.

The fan wrote, "Oppa, you are the cutest person on this planet. I hope you'll always get to do whatever you want to do in life. I can't help myself but to think this way all the time. Well, I'm a huge fan. What can I do about it?"

She continued, "Some may tell me that I'm silly, but whatever. Don't you guys all agree? I hear yes from my left side, and yes from my right side. Yes, yes, it's definitely okay."

Shortly after the fan had left a comment, L replied, "Haha this is so cute."LAs soon as this fan saw his reply, she excitedly wrote, "Oh wow. I should mark the date today and celebrate it every year!"

Their cute interaction put a smile on many fans' faces.LMeanwhile, L's new drama 'My Only Love' (literal translation) is expected to air its first episode on May 15.

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