[SBS Star] BAMBAM Gets Emotional Talking about GOT7's Past and Future

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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] BAMBAM Gets Emotional Talking about GOT7s Past and Future
K-pop boy group GOT7's member BAMBAM teared up while expressing his love for his group.

On February 13 episode of XtvN's reality show 'GOT7's Real Thai', BAMBAM headed to Pha Taem National Park to watch the sunrise alone.
GOT7 BAMBAMGOT7 BAMBAMGOT7 BAMBAMAs he watched the sun rising up behind the mountain, BAMBAM suddenly became emotional and compared the sunrise to GOT7's own story.
GOT7 BAMBAMGOT7 BAMBAMBAMBAM said, "This is us. This is GOT7," and explained, "We really started out with nothing. We had it hard for the first three years of our career. We didn't have good outcomes or a great feedback from the public."
GOT7 BAMBAMHe continued, "It was a really difficult time. But if we continue working hard and moving forward like this, we will be able to achieve the dreams and goals we haven't yet realized or achieved."
GOT7 BAMBAMBAMBAM ended with a strong declaration, "GOT7, let's stay together for a long time. We're almost there. I know we can do it if we run together. Fighting, GOT7!"

(Credit= XtvN GOT7's Real Thai, JYP Entertainment)

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