[SBS Star] Block B P.O Speaks About the Time When He Felt Betrayed by WINNER MINO

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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Block B P.O Speaks About the Time When He Felt Betrayed by WINNER MINO
K-pop boy group Block B's member P.O shared a funny story of when he felt extremely betrayed by another boy group WINNER's member MINO.

On January 12 episode of JTBC's talk show 'Knowing Brothers', P.O was invited to join the talk.

During the talk, P.O shared a story which happened years ago when he went on a diet to lose 10kg (22lbs).P.OP.O said, "So, MINO and I were trying to make debut as a hip-hop duo, and we were trying to lose weight together. I went to a bath house with MINO then. A moment after getting out from a hot bath, I suddenly felt dizzy and fainted. MINO somehow managed to lift me up and place me on a large wooden bench in the bath house."P.OHe went on, "Some time later, I regained consciousness and opened my eyes. But I noticed that MINO wasn't around. Then, I saw a hunched-over bare back of someone who looked like MINO in the distance. He was peeling some stone-plate cooked eggs by himself. It really turned out to be MINO."P.OHe continued, "Seriously though, I was unconscious and lying on the bench butt naked! But the most upsetting part for me was that we were on a diet together, and he was eating those eggs behind my back. I went up to him after I saw him putting one in his mouth. He looked truly shocked."P.OP.O wrapped up the story by saying, "MINO is the kind of person who would ask me if I was okay, but instead, he handed me an egg in his hand without a single word. I just ate it and even took one home."

It seemed like MINO felt bad that he was eating the eggs all alone that he could not say anything to P.O.

This funny story by P.O made the hosts and other guests laugh out loud.P.OIn numerous interviews in the past, P.O and MINO have mentioned that they have been good friends since high school.

Currently, they appear in 'New Journey to the West Season 6', where they show off their hilarious chemistry.

(Lee Narin, Credit= JTBC Knowing Brothers, 'realllllmino' Instagram)

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