[SBS Star] Pre-debut Clip of BTS JUNGKOOK Melts the Heart of His Fans


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Pre-debut Clip of BTS JUNGKOOK Melts the Heart of His Fans
A video of K-pop boy group BTS' member JUNGKOOK from eight years ago resurfaced online.

In 2011, Mnet released the third season of its survival audition program 'Superstar K' which provided a valuable opportunity for many unknown artists to spread their wings.
BTSBTS' youngest member JUNGKOOK also signed up for this contest in middle school at the age of 14, but he had to find another way to make his debut as a singer since he could not make it to the final round back then.
BTSBut not many of his fans were aware of the fact that he participated in the program since such news was only revealed in 2017 during one talk show, four years after JUNGKOOK made his debut as a member of BTS.
BTSWhilst reminiscing the past, JUNGKOOK said, "I was kind of embarrassed when they put the camera right in front of me and asked me to sing right away because I was quite shy back then."
BTSThen J-HOPE agreed and said, "When he was young, he couldn't sing when other people ask him to do so."
BTSJIN added, "He cried when other people kept asking him to sing."

However, JUNGKOOK spectacularly pulled off K-pop boy group 2AM's track 'This Song' during his audition, and even seemed pretty confident while singing unlike his fellow members' expectations.
BTSAfter this video of JUNGKOOK resurfaced online, his fans commented, "OMG, he looks so adorable!", "I guess he had an amazing voice ever since he was little.", "That song really compliments his beautiful voice!", and many more.

Meanwhile, BTS will continue its world tour 'LOVE YOURSELF' with the concert in Singapore on January 19.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= Mnet New Yang Nam Show, 'bangtan.official' Facebook)

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