[SBS Star] TWICE DAHYUN's Exceptional Ability to Notice Cameras Goes Viral

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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] TWICE DAHYUNs Exceptional Ability to Notice Cameras Goes Viral
DAHYUN of K-pop girl group TWICE amazed the public with one exceptional ability of hers―recognizing where the cameras are.

Recently, a post titled 'This is why paparazzis can't chase TWICE' gained attention online.
TWICE DAHYUNTWICE DAHYUNTWICE DAHYUNThe post featured a compilation of photos and footage of DAHYUN recognizing cameras in various occasion; when she's on the stage, at the airport, at the group's fan greeting events, and more.
TWICE DAHYUNWhile all other TWICE members just walk away without expecting that there would be a camera, DAHYUN is the only one who instinctively notices the camera.
TWICE DAHYUNTWICE DAHYUNShe casually waves her hand and winks at the camera, and even notices cameras from a distance in the crowd.
TWICE DAHYUNTWICE DAHYUNWhat makes DAHYUN's special ability even cuter is her bright smile that she always puts on whenever she recognizes cameras.
TWICE DAHYUNTWICE DAHYUNMeanwhile, TWICE will be taking a break for the time being before kicking off its Japanese dome tour 'TWICE DOME TOUR 2019 #Dreamday' starting on March 21.

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