[SBS Star] BTS J-HOPE Pays a Surprise Visit to Trainees with a Meaningful Snack


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] BTS J-HOPE Pays a Surprise Visit to Trainees with a Meaningful Snack
K-pop boy group BTS' member J-HOPE encouraged the trainees with a delicious treats after showing up at their practice studio unannounced.

On January 10, the production team of MBC's survival audition program 'Under Nineteen' dropped an unreleased video of J-HOPE who swung by the practice studio to give a pep talk to the trainees.
J-HOPE & the traineesIn the video, J-HOPE met up with the trainees who were working on their performance using BTS' track 'FAKE LOVE' and gave practical advice to them as if they were his own little brothers.
J-HOPE & the traineesJ-HOPE even had some brotherly moments with the trainees while sharing tips on how to pull off the choreography.
J-HOPE & the traineesIt seems that the word of encouragement which J-HOPE gave to the trainees really paid off since they smiled in a long time and even lightened up a bit after hearing J-HOPE's simple but powerful words―"You're good."

J-HOPE also brought different kinds of rice cake on his way to the studio and moved the trainees by explaining the reason why he chose this specific type of snack. 
J-HOPE & the traineesJ-HOPE's gift could not have come at a better time since rice cake is a considered as a one of the many good luck charms in Korea because of its characteristic―stickiness, especially when one is about to take their test.
J-HOPE & the traineesThen, J-HOPE gladly gave out his autographs even though he must be quite exhausted because of his hectic schedule.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= 'Under Nineteen' V LIVE)

(SBS Star)