[SBS Star] Park Bo Gum Under Fire for the Way He Holds a Bento Box?


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Park Bo Gum Under Fire for the Way He Holds a Bento Box?
It seems like a lot of people are not too fond of the way actor Park Bo Gum holds a bento box.

Recently, one fan shared an online post titled, 'You will not be able to love Park Bo Gum after finding out about this.'

In the post, there was a screenshot of Park Bo Gum acting in his drama 'Encounter' and comment below it.

The screenshot showed Park Bo Gum holding a plastic bag with a can of drink and bento box in his hand.

Strangely enough though, the bento box is placed in the bag the sideways that you could see some side dishes slipping down to the bottom and getting mixed with others.Park Bo GumWhat people would commonly do with a bento box is that they will place it horizontally in the bag so that all side dishes stay where they are until they get home.

This fan playfully left a comment under the screenshot, "Park Bo Gum, did you think you could get away with this? Did you think we will be okay about it just because you are good-looking, huh?"Park Bo GumMany others expressed their agreement to the fan and said, "Hear, hear! This person is so on point.", "Yeah, who seriously holds a bento box like that?", "I know! When I was watching this scene, I was like, 'What on earth is he doing with that right now!' I really wanted to straighten up the bento box for him.", and so on.Park Bo GumThey commented as if they were dealing with something extremely serious and wrong.

The playfulness in the post and comments are making lots of people laugh at the moment.Park Bo Gum(Lee Narin, Credit= Online Community, 'blossoment' Facebook)

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