[SBS Star] Yoo In Na Gifts 100 Pairs of Boots for the Staff Members of Her Drama

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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Yoo In Na Gifts 100 Pairs of Boots for the Staff Members of Her Drama
Korean actress Yoo In Na moved the production team of her upcoming drama with a generous gift.

According to mydaily's report on January 10, Yoo In Na bought winter boots for the entire staff members of her upcoming drama 'touch your heart'.
Yoo In NaYoo In Na reportedly prepared more than 100 pairs of winter boots for the staff members who are working hard despite the cold weather.
Yoo In Na's giftThe exact amount of money she spent on gifts was not revealed to the public, but it was known that they costed about 10 million won (approximately 8,937 dollars).

Naturally, the staff members of the drama production team were deeply moved by Yoo In Na's sweet gesture.
Yoo In Na's giftSome staff members expressed their gratitude publicly by posting a few pictures of the gift they received, and each of the box had their names on it.

A source stated, "All the staff members were surprised by Yoo In Na's unexpected gift. She always takes care of them and treats them with respect at the filming site. She is a genuine actress who has a heart of gold."
Yoo In NaPreviously, Yoo In Na surprised the public with her good deeds such as her much-needed donation to The Salvation Army and the talent donation she participated to help out the youth and the children.

Such touching news not only warmed the hearts of many, but also set a great example for other celebrities.
touch your heartMeanwhile, the first episode of Yoo In Na's upcoming romance drama 'touch your heart' is scheduled to be aired on February 6.

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