[SBS Star] "Awww!" BTS JUNGKOOK Gets Fed by JIN Like a Baby Bird

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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] "Awww!" BTS JUNGKOOK Gets Fed by JIN Like a Baby Bird
K-pop boy group BTS' member JUNGKOOK was spotted getting fed by his fellow member JIN like he is a baby bird, and their cuteness and chemistry are making fans repeat, "Awww!"

On January 8 episode of BTS' variety show 'Run BTS! 2019', JUNGKOOK and JIN teamed up for a cooking competition with other members of BTS.

The seven members of BTS divided themselves up into three different teams, and each team was given a mission to complete cooking previously-decided Italian dishes in a limited time.BTSJUNGKOOK was in charge of cooking steak while JIN made spaghetti, so they used the gas stove that were opposite to each other.

After finishing cooking spaghetti, JIN first tasted a strand of spaghetti to check if it was good.BTSAs if telling JIN that worrying was the most unnecessary thing that he had done for the last couple of minutes, his spaghetti made him smile.

JIN instantly informed JUNGKOOK that it tasted good, and picked up a strand of spaghetti with tongs to make JUNGKOOK try the dish as well.JUNGKOOK and JINJIN went over to JUNGKOOK and held the strand of spaghetti up in the air near JUNGKOOK's mouth.

JUNGKOOK started eating it from the bottom while JIN checked if it was going into his mouth properly.

At this right moment, JUNGKOOK looked like a baby bird getting fed by a mother bird―JIN.JUNGKOOK and JINJUNGKOOK and JINBeing the oldest member of the group, JIN has always adored the group's maknae (the youngest) JUNGKOOK, and fans absolutely love this sort of moment of the two.

Ever since this episode was aired, fans have been having a hard time handling this adorable oldest hyung-maknae moment of JUNGKOOK and JIN.

Meanwhile, BTS' world tour 'LOVE YOURSELF' is scheduled to be continued with a concert in Japan on January 12.

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