[SBS Star] VIDEO: SOYOU Will Make You Listen to Her Track 'All Night'!


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: SOYOU Will Make You Listen to Her Track All Night!
SOYOU from disbanded K-pop girl group SISTAR demonstrated a perfect example of sophisticated sexy with her stage.

On October 9 episode of SBS MTV 'The Show', SOYOU validated a theory that the art of seduction lies in its attitude.
SOYOUIf SISTAR was all about giving off that fresh and cool summer vibe we all loved, SOYOU rather focuses on pursuing the artistic value and quality of the song.
SOYOUThrough the title track 'All Night' of her second solo album 'RE:FRESH', SOYOU impeccably captured the essence of Latin-pop song while reinterpreting some features in her own words.
SOYOUIt seems like SOYOU's enchanting voice gives the audience a power to teleport anywhere since her track makes the listeners feel like they are lying on the beach in Cancun, Mexico sipping Margaritas.
SOYOUCheck out the video below and be the first one to experience the fantastic combination of SOYOU and Latin-pop!

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= SBS MTV The Show)

(SBS Star)