[SBS Star] XIUMIN Sends Hilarious Standing Wreath to His Friend's After School Academy


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] XIUMIN Sends Hilarious Standing Wreath to His Friends After School Academy
K-pop boy group EXO's member XIUMIN sent a hilarious standing wreath to his friend who just opened an after school academy.

Recently, a picture of one standing wreath with a funny message on its ribbon started spreading online.

After reaching K-pop fans, it was discovered that the wreath was from XIUMIN to his friend who recently opened an after school academy.

On one side of the ribbon, it is written, "There is no problem living this life only knowing the alphabet and simple multiplication." while "EXO XIUMIN" is written on the other side. XIUMINIn this 'congratulatory' message, XIUMIN jokingly implied after school academies are unnecessary, therefore his friend's business will not do so well.

This standing wreath with an amusing message undoubtedly showed his tight friendship with his friend, and how much he actually cares for him/her.EXOMeanwhile, XIUMIN's group EXO is scheduled to make its long-awaited comeback with the group's fifth album 'DON'T MESS UP MY TEMPO' on November 2.

(Lee Narin, Credit= Online Community, 'weareone.exo' Instagram, 'weareoneexo' Twitter)

(SBS Star)