[SBS Star] GOT7 JB Tells an Interesting Story of How He Became Close to Girls' Day Hyeri

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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] GOT7 JB Tells an Interesting Story of How He Became Close to Girls Day Hyeri
K-pop boy group GOT7's member JB revealed how he became close to girl group Girls' Day's member Hyeri.

On October 6 episode of tvN's talk show 'Amazing Saturday', JB made a guest appearance.

Not long after the talk began, one of the cast BOOM asked another cast Hyeri, "Do you know JB?"

As she hesitantly said, "Yes." followed by an awkward smile, other hosts started growing their suspicion.Amazing SaturdayEven though JB and Hyeri repeated, "No, it's not anything like that.", another cast Shin Dong-yup playfully said, "You never know what went on between members of K-pop groups."

With a grin, he continued, "They might have dated for a bit when they were trainees, or..."Amazing SaturdayThis is when JB jumped in and said, "We go to the same college."

All people at the studio reacted, "You guys must be close then."Amazing SaturdayJB responded, "Actually, we are the same age. But I'm technically a year older, because I was born in the beginning of January."

He went on, "But Hyeri just spoke informally to me when we met for the very first time." 

Hyeri talked in shock, "Did I? I wouldn't have done that."

JB answered, "You did. So, I was like, 'Alright, whatever.' and that's how we got close."Amazing Saturday'Amazing Saturday' is a television show in which the cast and guests play fun musical games to obtain various types of food from different areas in Korea.

(Lee Narin, Credit= tvN Amazing Saturday)

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