[SBS Star] 'STATION x 0' Unveils More Artists Added on the Lineup


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] STATION x 0 Unveils More Artists Added on the Lineup
SM Entertainment's 'STATION x 0' announced the project's partial lineup.

On August 8, SM Entertainment revealed the lineup of artists participating six tracks of the project by uploading a picture.

'STATION x 0' is a spin-off version of SM Entertainment's digital music channel 'Station', which was launched as a cultural project.

The first runner of the project was already revealed as Girls' Generation's member Taeyeon and indie band MeloMance.Station x 0According to the unveiled picture of lineup, collaboration between boy group EXO BAEKHYUN and hip hop artist LOCO are up next, followed by collaborations between EXO CHANYEOL x SEHUN, Red Velvet SEULGI x GFRIEND SINB x CHUNGHA x (G)I-DLE Soyeon, and hip hop artists Crush x Penomeco.Station x 0Yet the question mark on the remaining blank is giving one more hint for next hidden collaborations.

Meanwhile, 'STATION x 0' project's first track 'Page 0' by Taeyeon and MeloMance is set to be released on August 10 6PM KST.

(Seo Dakyoung, Credit= SM Entertainment)

(SBS Star)