[SBS Star] Many Get Curious About the Origin of JIHYO's Beauty & Her Parents' Photo Unveils


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Many Get Curious About the Origin of JIHYOs Beauty & Her Parents Photo Unveils
While many were wondering where K-pop girl group TWICE's leader JIHYO's natural beauty came from, she shared a picture of her parents.

Recently, JIHYO has been gaining attention for her beauty since the young age.

After JIHYO's past pictures went viral online, many have begun to wonder how her parents looked like.JIHYOJIHYOJIHYOAs if JIHYO was listening to them, she uploaded a picture of her parents on TWICE's official social media account on July 11.

In the picture, JIHYO and her parents hold a cup of coffee in their hands after enjoying a meal together.

Both her mother and father are very good-looking with noticeably large eyes and sharp noses, exactly like JIHYO.

It looks like JIHYO's beauty not only comes from one of her parents, but from both of them.JIHYOUpon seeing the picture, people have been nodding their heads and saying, "No wonder why she is so beautiful.", "JIHYO's look doesn't just lean heavily towards one side. I can see both of her parents in her!", "I think she has her mother's face shape and her father's eyes.", "Wow, what a good-looking family!", and so on.

Meanwhile, TWICE has made a comeback with a special album 'Summer Nights' with the title track 'Dance The Night Away' on July 9.

(Lee Narin, Credit= Mnet SIXTEEN, MBC King of Mask Singer, Online Community, 'twicetagram' Instagram, 'jypentertainment' YouTube)

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