[SBS Star] Apink Son Naeun Shares Her Tips to Maintain 'Goddess Beauty'


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Apink Son Naeun Shares Her Tips to Maintain Goddess Beauty
K-pop girl group Apink's Son Naeun answered a question about her beauty secrets.

On July 12, six members of Apink joined KBS Cool FM's 'Moon Hee Jun's Radio Show' as guests.
ApinkDuring the show, a listener asked Son Naeun, "Tell me how to become a goddess like you."

Son Naeun took a moment of thought and answered, "I'm actually a total homebody. So the only time I go out is to exercise."

She continued, "I really don't go out much except when I go to the gym. So I naturally end up taking a good care of myself as working out is basically everything I do."
ApinkAfter Son Naeun's answer, another member Yoon Bomi shared that she is the complete opposite.

Yoon Bomi said, "I feel like I'm wasting my time when I'm staying at home. I go crazy when I have no one to hang out. So I try to fill up all the time units in my schedule."
ApinkMeanwhile, Apink recently made its comeback with 7th mini album 'ONE & SIX' released on July 2.

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