[SBS Star] North Korean Defector Talks About BTS' Popularity in the Country


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] North Korean Defector Talks About BTS Popularity in the Country
A North Korean defector-turned-BJ(Broadcast Jockey) Han Song-yi shared about K-pop boy group BTS' immense popularity in North Korea.

On July 12, Han Song-yi joined MBC FM4U's radio show 'The Date with Ji Suk-jin at 2PM' as a guest.
Ji Suk-jin, Han Song-yiDuring the show, Han Song-yi broached to talk, "I know a broker in China, and she said BTS is really popular in North Korea."

She explained, "They (North Koreans) call BTS 'Bangtan(bulletproof) Bag'. It's like a code used to refer to the group."
Ji Suk-jin, Han Song-yiWhen the host Ji Suk-jin asked why they call the group like so, Han said, "The inspection team has been created because of the Hallyu wave in the country. So people use codes to talk about them."

She continued, "So when you say 'Have you ever carried a Bangtan Bag before?', it actually means 'Have you ever listened to BTS' song?'."
BTSMeanwhile, BTS is scheduled to kick off its 'LOVE YOURSELF' world tour in Seoul on August 25 and 26.

(Credit= Big Hit Entertainment, Yonhap News Agency, MBC The Date with Ji Suk-jin at 2PM)

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