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[SBS Star] Kim Jae Joong Unveils His Luxurious Home & Supercars!


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Kim Jae Joong Unveils His Luxurious Home & Supercars!
Korean singer/actor Kim Jae Joong's luxurious house and supercars have been unveiled to the public through a Japanese television show.

On July 11, Kim Jae Joong appeared on Nippon TV's show 'We Have Compared It Tonight' (literal title) and gave a tour of his luxurious home.
Kim Jae JoongKim Jae JoongKnown to be worth about 5 billion won (approximately 4.4 million dollars), Kim Jae Joong's house was located in a rich neighborhood near Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Kim Jae Joong's house was filled with expensive artworks of some that were worth over 300 million won (approximately 270,000 dollars) for each piece.
Kim Jae JoongKim Jae JoongThe bathroom was equipped with a mini screen for him to watch television while having a bath as well.

Besides, there were a number of Kim Jae Joong's supercars parked in the garage, which were worth around 1.7 billion won (approximately 1.5 million dollars) altogether.Kim Jae JoongKim Jae JoongHowever, during the show, Kim Jae Joong revealed that he felt lonely despite having all those luxury to himself.

While looking at the view of Seoul from the roof of his house, Kim Jae Joong mumbled, "I feel so lonely. I have been feeling very lonely these days. I already know that I will feel even more lonely tomorrow."Kim Jae JoongMeanwhile, Kim Jae Joong appears on a web entertainment program 'Photo People in Tokyo' on Naver TV every Monday and Wednesday.

(Lee Narin, Credit= Nippon TV, 'CJESJYJ' Facebook)

(SBS Star)