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[SBS Star] Gong Yoo's Fans to Make Donation Celebrating His 40th Birthday


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Gong Yoos Fans to Make Donation Celebrating His 40th Birthday
Actor Gong Yoo's fan club members have donated huge amount of money for child patients.

On July 10, Gong Yoo turned 40 years old in Korean age.
Gong YooTo celebrate the special day, Gong Yoo's official fan club 'YOO & I' members gathered together and donated money to Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation (KCLF).
Gong YooAccording to KCLF, his fans have donated a total of 16 million won (approximately 14,272 dollars) to the foundation in order to help child patients transplanting stem cells.
Gong YooThis is not the first time for Gong Yoo's fans to make donations.

In 2017, 'YOO & I' donated 14 million won (approximately 12,488 dollars) to the same foundation.
Gong YooMeanwhile, Gong Yoo is currently taking a break while reviewing various projects for his comeback.

(Credit= Management Soop, Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation)

(SBS Star)