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[SBS Star] f(x) Amber Signs with U.S. Agency & Gets Ready to Promote in the Country


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] f(x) Amber Signs with U.S. Agency & Gets Ready to Promote in the Country
K-pop girl group f(x)'s Amber has signed with an American management agency for her stateside activities.

Recently, Amber signed a contract with Steel Wool Entertainment based in Los Angeles, California.

In the U.S., Amber will be expanding the field of her career into acting and directing alongside singing and performing.
f(x) Amber ForbesThrough his recent interview with Forbes, Kevin Morrow, the founder/CEO of Steel Wool Entertainment stated, "Amber can sing, rap and dance. There are not a lot of people who can do all three, and she can write. And she produces her own videos. She is one of those rare talents that can do just about everything."AmberAfter signing a contract with the agency, Amber also said during the interview with the magazine, "I'm always in the studio working on music and dancing. I'm training with a bunch of choreographers here in LA."

She added, "I'm learning as much as I can and reflecting on the years I've been in the industry and what did I not have time to work on because I was always busy working. But I'm kind of going back into training mode and resetting myself."AmberShe continued, "On the other side I often do video production and direct my own videos, so every time me and my friends want to do something we're just like, 'Let's make a video and do this. Let's make a skit about that. So every day is different and I'm just hopping back and forth to the studio and meetings and always crazy and fun."AmberAll her activities in the U.S. will be managed by Steel Wool Entertainment while her activities in Korea will still be managed by SM Entertainment.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'Forbes' Official Website, SM Entertainment)

(SBS Star)