[SBS Star] The Customized SEVENTEEN's Light Sticks Grab All K-pop Fans' Attention

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Published 2018.06.14 13:09 Updated 2018.06.14 13:38 View Count
기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] The Customized SEVENTEENs Light Sticks Grab All K-pop Fans Attention
K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN's fans are creating a new generation of official light sticks.

Although CARAT BONG (the name of SEVENTEEN's official light stick) had already been chosen as the prettiest light stick, SEVENTEEN's fans still seem to have the desire to make their light sticks more beautiful.

▶ [SBS Star] Over 2 Million K-pop Fans Pick the Prettiest Official Light SticksOfficial Light SticksRecently, SEVENTEEN's fans discovered that the top of the light stick can actually be opened.

After finding out about this, a lot of fans started decorating their light stick by putting different things inside, including flowers, leaves, crystals, and even miniature figures.

Soon, these photos of customized CARAT BONG started going viral among other K-pop fans as well.

Many K-pop fans have commented on how artistic SEVENTEEN's fans are as well as how pretty the customized CARAT BONGs are.

They certainly took their CARAT BONG to the whole new level.
SEVENTEENOnce you look at the photos, you will not be able to deny that CARAT BONG is the prettiest official light stick in the K-pop world.

Now, take a look at these customized CARAT BONGs below!CARAT BONGCARAT BONGCARAT BONGCARAT BONGCARAT BONGCARAT BONGCARAT BONGCARAT BONG(Lee Narin, Credit= Online Community, PLEDIS Entertainment) 

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