[SBS Star] iKON's JU-NE Joins a Variety Show and Mesmerizes the Public!


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] iKONs JU-NE Joins a Variety Show and Mesmerizes the Public!
JU-NE from K-pop boy band iKON joined a variety show as a new member and exposed his unexpectedly cute charms.

On April 19 episode of the MBC variety show 'It's Dangerous Beyond the Blankets', the cast of the show visited Chuncheon.

JU-NE joined the show by visiting the place of the cast in the city.JU-NEYet JU-NE was shy to meet the cast. He hesitated and murmured, "Someone's up there. I can't go up. What should do?".JU-NEWhen he went upstairs, he met the cast members―hip hop artist Loco and singer-songwriter Chang Kiha.

JU-NE started talking, "My name is JU-NE. It's great to meet you all."JU-NEAfter briefly introducing each other, Loco went down to watch television. JU-NE and Chang Kiha soon followed him and tried to get close to each other.

The members of the program soon began to have a casual conversation. From age to personality, they shared about themselves.

They, for instance, asked each other if they like to drink.

JU-NE noted, "I love drinking compared to the people around my age."JU-NEHe also exposed an unexpected side. He highlighted, "I also like to write poems. I have about 100 poems on my phone. They are all written by me."

The cast had beer and spent more time to share about themselves. The trip to Chuncheon soon got rid of the wall among them and accentuated the great chemistry of the members.JU-NE(Credit= MBC It's Dangerous Beyond the Blankets)

(SBS Star)