[SBS Star] Yoon Du Jun to Return on 'Let's Eat Season 3' as the Male Lead


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Yoon Du Jun to Return on Lets Eat Season 3 as the Male Lead
K-pop boy group Highlight's leader Yoon Du Jun has been confirmed a role as the male lead on the third season of 'Let's Eat'.

On April 3, tvN announced that Yoon Du Jun will be starring in the third season of its drama 'Let's Eat' again after his role as the main character 'Koo Dae-young' in the first and second season.Yoon Du JunThe first season of 'Let's Eat' was aired in 2013, and the second season in 2015.

'Let's Eat' is a drama that portrays the daily lives of people living alone, especially around the food that they eat.Yoon Du JunIn the previous series, Yoon Du Jun has shown his excellent acting skills, and amazing chemistry with the female lead.

Specifically, many viewers have commented on how Yoon Du Jun's eating scenes make their mouth water.

For this season, the female lead has been confirmed to be Baek Jin Hee.Baek Jin HeeThe exact airdate has not been confirmed yet, but the drama is set to air in July.

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