[SBS Star] The Coolest Taxpayer So Jisub


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] The Coolest Taxpayer So Jisub
Actor So Jisub was rewarded as the 'Beautiful Taxpayer' from the National Tax Service of Korea.

On March 30, it is reported that So Jisub was rewarded as the 'Beautiful Taxpayer' that commemorates people who have been strongly devoted to developing society through donations and volunteer activities along earnest payments of taxes.

The award, which has been annually given to the elected ones since 2011 from the National Tax Service, chooses 24 people who have been very active in building a harmonious, peaceful society.

For the 2018 award, it was delivered to So Jisub who has been acknowledged by several social organizations with his active participation in various events of social issues besides disciplined payments of taxes.So JisubSo Jisub has consistently shown his interests in several social issues such as the single-parent families from working class and child abuses since his debut.

Besides just giving donations to the organizations, it is also noted that So Jisub has participated in mentoring the kids who have gone through child abuses and constant violence.

So Jisub commented through his agency, "I just did what I had to do as a citizen of South Korea, but I'm really glad to receive the award. I think the future of Korea is so bright because so many of you help people in need with your own ways."So JisubHe ended his comment by saying, "Once again, I want to express sincere gratitude and commemorate others who've been rewarded the title as well. Thank you so much.".

Meanwhile, So Jisub has garnered attention from the public with his new film 'Be With You' released on March 14.So Jisub(Credit= Kim Hyun-chul/SBSfunE, 51K Entertainment)

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