[SBS Star] Lee Sang-yeob Joins 'Hymn of Death' with Lee Jong Suk


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Lee Sang-yeob Joins Hymn of Death with Lee Jong Suk
Actor Lee Sang-yeob joins the upcoming SBS drama 'Hymn of Death' as a special cast.

On March 27, it is officially announced that Sang-yeob will be the special cast of 'Hymn of Death' in which actor Lee Jong Suk plays the male lead role.
  'Hymn of Death' is the two-part TV series that draw the tragic love of the first soprano singer of the Joseon Dynasty named Yoon Sim-duk and her lover Kim Woo-jin, the genius composer.

Lee Sang-yeob joins the work as the rivalry male role of Lee Jong Suk named Kim Hong-ki, who is engaged with Yoon Sim-duk.Hymn of DeathFrom his relationship with producer Park Soo-jin of 'While You Were Sleeping', Lee Sang-yeob reportedly decided to join the drama.

The filming of 'Hymn of Death' starts from April 2018.

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